Jeremy Fry (erulehto) wrote in vg_design,
Jeremy Fry

Hello everyone

Hello everybody. My name is Jeremy. I created this community when I realized that there appears to be no community for video game designers or those aspiring to become one. I am currently going to school for just this purpose.

I hope this will be a chance for many of us to start discussing what we know and what steps that might help us all along this journey. I ask that when you join the community that you let us know your name, location, what genre of games is your favorite, and what you hope to do with video game design.

Thank you all for joining and just to make this the first official post let me leave you with this.

My name is Jeremy. I live in South-Eastern Michigan. RPG's have always been my favorite type of game. I love them. I have been playing them since as long as I can remember. My favorite RPG game is Final Fantasy 7. The story is still one of the best that I can recall. It made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. I would love to design for Square Enix. This is my goal and I hope to one day make it there.
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Im like down the street from you in livonia. Im also looking to get into game design as a programmer.
Hey I just started my Game Art and Design School a few weeks ago :D

Im attending the art institute of LA
just curious. how're you attending both...?
what do you mean?

I started at the Art institute of LA, Santa Monica, its only one school

this is my first quarter
im in the same scholl withjeremy although we haven't met yet
i live in the "d" though if you dont know what that means its detroit